To request scores and parts, please visit my contact page or email me at mavismacneilmusic@gmail.com


Anisoptera for piano (2017) 5′

Etiolation for tenor saxophone (2016) 4′ – collaboratively composed with Kristi Fullerton


Trace for vocalizing string trio (2016) 2’30”

The Common Thread for alto saxophone and percussion (2016) 8′

Murmure for string quartet (2015) 7′

New Life for flute and vibraphone (2013) 6′

Art Song                                                                                                                       

Of Myself for soprano and violin (2017) 6′

Altitude for soprano and piano (2016) 5′

Early Frost: Songs for Changing Seasons for soprano and piano (2013) 11′

                I. My November Guest 4′

                II. The Oven Bird 2′

                III. A Late Walk 5′


Little Christmas Mass for SA divisi choir (2018) 9′

Hope for SATB divisi choir (2014) 4′

I So Liked Spring for three treble voices or SSA choir (2014) 2′

A Prayer in Spring for SATB divisi choir (2013) 4′

Now Close the Windows for three treble voices or SSA choir (2012) 3′


The Liminal Voices for symphony orchestra (2016) 7’30”