Art Song

Trapped for soprano [F4-A5], bass clarinet, and djembe (2020) 1″

La Dame for soprano [C4-F5], bass clarinet, and djembe (2020) 1’30”

A Decade for treble voice [C4–Eb5] and string trio [vln, vln, vlc] (2019) 4′

Of Myself for soprano [B3–A5] and violin (2017) 6′ – Preview Of Myself

Altitude for soprano [C4–G5] and piano (2016) 5′ – Preview Altitude

Early Frost: Songs for Changing Seasons for soprano [B3-G5] and piano (2013) 11′

                I. My November Guest [vocal range B3–G5] 4′

                II. The Oven Bird [vocal range D4–E5] 2′

                III. A Late Walk [vocal range Eb4–Gb5] 5′

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Select scores are also available on New Music Shelf.

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